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Pop-Up Park Trailer Rental

  1. Application and Procedures for Town of Normal Parks & Recreation Pop-Up Park Trailer Rental

    Applications must be submitted to the Recreation Supervisor for approval. Please submit applications to Josh Wozniak: or drop off/mail to 100 E Phoenix Ave in Normal.

  2. Approximate Number of People Attending Event*
  3. Please select all departments in which your group and event would request a Town of Normal staff member present for community outreach activities, presentations or interactions:*

    Requests for outreach can be made with the application but are subject to denial pending staff availability.

  4. All policies and regulations of the State of Illinois, Town of Normal, Parks & Recreation Department and Parks Facilities apply to each member of the group renting. These conditions shall include but are not limited to:*

    Please check all boxes and sign below showing you agree and have reviewed all policies and regulations. 

  5. (Authorized Representative of the Organization/Group)

  6. The Recreation Supervisor bases the decision on the information provided in the application as well as other criteria deemed important such as availability, staffing, etc. Applications are approved within 10 business days.
  7. The following items will be filled out by the Parks & Recreation Supervisor.

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    Recreation Supervisor Signature 


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