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Parks and Recreation

  1. Adopt-a-Park/Street/Trail Application Form
  2. Aquatic Facility Private Rental
  3. General Feedback about Normal Parks & Recreation

    Thank you for your interest in Normal Parks & Recreation facilities. The Town of Normal takes great pride in providing clean, safe,... More…

  4. Resident Tree Planting Program Application
  5. Special Use Application - Normal Parks and Recreation

    Please use the form below to request use of any Town of Normal Park or Constitution Trail for an event, race, fundraiser, etc. There is... More…

  6. Tree or Tree Limb Issue
  1. Adopt-a-Park/Street/Trail Clean Up Report Form
  2. Community Activity Center Rental Inquiry
  3. Pickleball Classic Play Dates
  4. Safety Town Rentals/Birthday Parties
  5. Tree Impact Permit