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Youth on A Mission Application

  1. Youth on a Mission

    What is Youth on A Mission?

    Youth on A Mission (YAM) is a Youth Advisory Council comprised of high school aged youth from Unit 5 school district. The expectation of the Council is to provide an avenue to engage youth, provide leadership growth, and an opportunity to learn about municipal government. Youth on A Mission will engage in activities like community service, lobbying, and strategic planning. There are twelve sessions in a program year, which runs from September to April. Students will also attend a Lobby Day in Springfield, IL and will close the program year with an award ceremony and celebration. 


    Students from Normal Community High School, Normal Community West High School, and University High School are eligible to apply. Students must have at least 2.25 GPA or higher to participate. 

    There is no cost for a student to participate. In lieu of paying for the program, we ask each student to:  

    1) Be in attendance at every session and engaged. The participant cannot miss no more than two (2) sessions. 

    2) Agree to participate in the YAM fundraiser. 

    How do I apply?

    You can apply online or via email. Carefully review all documents. In order for a student to be accepted into the program, each form MUST be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. All applicants MUST submit the application by the deadline of September 2. All applicants MUST provide a letter of recommendation.

    When will I be notified that I have been accepted in the program?

    Applicants that are accepted into the program will be notified the week by September 9; by email. You will receive a letter of acceptance by mail.


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  8. Name of individual making recommendation must include;

    • Phone number
    • Email Address
    • Relation to applicant
    • Why they feel the applicant is the best candidate for YAM. 

    Qualifications for Recommendations:

    • Teacher 
    • School Administrator
    • Coach
    • Supervisor
    • Leader of extra-curricular activity
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