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Temporary Above Ground Tank Installation Permit


    In accordance with the Town of Normal Municipal Code Section 6.4-16.M, all storage of gasoline or other volatile fuel shall be in compliance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Office of the State Fire Marshall as amended from time to time.

    The following provisions shall apply to any above ground storage of gasoline or other volatile fuel:

    • No above ground storage tanks shall be located within any residential zoning district.
    • A maximum of two (2) tanks per occupancy.
    • The aggregate capacity of above ground storage of gasoline or other volatile fuel shall be a maximum of five hundred (500) gallons per lot or use whichever is more restrictive and a maximum of one thousand (1,000) gallons in a B-1 Business Zoning District and M1 Manufacturing Zoning District.
    • All above ground storage tanks shall conform to applicable NFPA Codes and appendices.
    • All tanks at the time of installation must meet or exceed the Underwriters Laboratory standard 2085 or the latest revision thereof.
    • The Fire Department may issue regulations requiring diking or other containment methods where life, health, and safety so require.
    • Tanks shall be screened from view of streets and residential property.
    • Tanks shall not be located closer than two hundred (200) feet to an assembly occupancy or building containing any residential dwelling units.
    • Tanks exceeding 500 gallons shall be equipped with an automatic alarm system notifying the Town or the local central dispatching agency of any problems with the tank affecting public safety.
    • In the B-1 Business District, tanks and related facilities shall be screened from street view with a concrete or masonry wall or similar permanent material other than wood, vinyl, metal or mesh.
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    Normal Fire Department
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  3. Application is hereby made for a permit to conduct the following operation or activity as set forth in Chapter 6 in the Municipal Code of the Town of Normal.
  4. Storage, Handling, or Use of Containers in Accordance with 6.4-17(A)3.c*
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  5. Please provide the expected duration tanks planned to be on site, protection being provided for tanks on site, and fuel company name and phone number which provided the fuel / tanks.
  6. Please provide a site plan showing where the tanks are to be located on the site.
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  9. This permit will be approved only after all information is received and the proposed site, plans, products, and protection have been provided for.
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