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Uptown Normal On-Street Cafe Application (Parklet)

  1. Submittal Deadline: March 31 by 5 p.m.
  2. 555-555-5555
    To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Permittee agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the municipality, its officers, agents and employees, against all injuries, deaths, loss, damages, claims, suits, liabilities, judgments, cost and expenses, which may in any wise accrue against the municipality, its officers, agents and employees, arising in whole or in part or in consequence of the establishment of this outdoor cafe by the Permittee, its employees, or subcontractors, or which may in any wise result thereafter, except that arising out of the sole legal cause of the municipality, its agents or employees. The Permittee shall at its own expense, appear, defend and pay all charges of attorneys and all costs and other expenses arising therefore or incurred in connection therewith, and, if any judgment shall be rendered against the municipality, its officers, agents and employees, in any such action, the Permittee shall, at its own expense, satisfy and discharge the same.

    Permittee expressly understands and agrees that any insurance policies required by this permit, or otherwise provided by the Permittee, shall in no way limit the responsibility to indemnify, keep and save harmless and defend the municipality, its officers, agents and employees as herein provided.

    I, as owner and permittee of above said property, hereby verify that I have read and understand the above provisions and agree to comply with said provisions. In signing this application, I understand the legal obligations of operating an outdoor café in downtown.
  4. Application Fee

    The fee to apply for an on-street café license is $200 unless the applicant proposes to use Town electricity, in which case the license fee is $250. Fees should be mailed to Darryl Barron at 1 Uptown Circle, Normal, IL 61761. The application will be deemed incomplete until receipt of application fee.

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  6. By typing my name I am electronically signing this application, and I'm aware that my application is incomplete until the Town is in receipt of the application fee.
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