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Outdoor Dining Agreement

  1. Eating and Drinking Establishments – Uptown Normal

    To support the operation of temporary outdoor dining in Uptown Normal, the Town of Normal will make available several on-street and parking lot areas for use by restaurants. Within these areas, the Town will provide picnic tables, ramps as needed, and bollards to delineate the areas.

    In order to operate an outdoor eating area in accordance with the rules set forth by Governor Pritzker, the following local rules and acknowledgements apply. This form must be signed and returned to the Town by March 15, 2021. This document does not apply to outdoor dining areas on private property.

    1. No smoking is permitted.

    2. No amplified sound is allowed.

    3. No outdoor heating appliances are allowed.

    4. The temporary outdoor seating area must close to the public by midnight.

    5. Businesses in possession of a valid Town of Normal liquor license are permitted to extend their premises to the outdoor seating area immediately adjacent to their business. Open alcohol may not be removed from this area.

    6. Trash and debris must be managed on the site, particularly if disposable items are in use. The Town will provide additional trash receptacles and more frequent garbage removal service as needed; however, it will be incumbent upon the businesses to help ensure that patrons are disposing of trash appropriately.

    7. Restaurant patrons must be granted access to the restaurant bathroom facilities upon request. Portapotties may not be used.

    8. All rules and regulations from the McLean County Department of Health must be followed as they currently exist and as modified by the department.

    9. All rules and regulations from the Governor, State agencies, or Town or other local agencies must be followed.

    10. All outdoor seating areas must be maintained in a safe and clean manner and may not cause a nuisance.

    11. The authorization for temporary outdoor seating continues through November 29, 2021, unless earlier terminated by the Town. The Town may terminate any temporary outdoor seating permit if it determines that it is in the Town’s best interest to do so.

    12. The permittee agrees to indemnify and defend the Town against any loss or claim from any third party resulting in any way from the permittee’s establishment or operation of a temporary outdoor seating area.

    13. The Permittee must have adequate liability insurance coverage to cover liability for its establishment and operation of the temporary outdoor seating area.

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