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Application for Tree Trimmer and Cutter

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    Attach required certificates of insurance pursuant to SEC.22.15-5.

    Attach required bond as required by SEC.22.15-6.

    License Fee: $25.00

    License year is January 1 - December 31.

    Applications and fees for renewals are due annually on or before December 10.

    No work may be done without a valid license. License is subject to revocation for violation of any provision of the attached ordinance, failure to keep license information current, or any untruthful statement in this application.

    Applicant affirms knowledge of the attached ordinance regulating tree trimming and agrees to abide by SEC 22.15 of the Municipal Code, as well as Town policies and procedures for tree trimming and debris removal.

    Please print a copy of this application and bring to City Hall, along with required certificates of insurance, required bond and $25 license fee. The application is NOT submitted electronically to the Clerk's Office.

    Clerk's Office
    11 Uptown Circle, 2nd Floor
    Normal, IL 61761
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