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Boards and Commissions Volunteer Interest Form

  1. The Town of Normal values the committed volunteers who invest time in the community. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer committee member, complete this profile sheet and submit a resume and a statement of interest and return it to the following address:

    Office of the Mayor Town of Normal
    11 Uptown Circle
    Normal, IL 61761

    Questions about volunteer opportunities with the Town of Normal can be directed to the Office of the City Manager at 309-454-9777.

  2. Please select the following committees you are interested in:

    Note: Select as many as apply based on your interest. Understand expressing interest in a board/commission does not automatically ensure appointment.

  3. Personal Information:
  4. Community Volunteer Experience:
  5. My electronic signature above acknowledges the information provided here is accurate, correct and complete. I understand submission of this form does not mean I will be appointed to a board or commission.  

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