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Posted on: August 23, 2023

Move to the Right for Sirens and Lights!

Truck 12 with Lights on

When being approached by an emergency vehicle using audible and visual signals (lights and sirens), Illinois law requires motorists to immediately pull to the right side of the road and allow the emergency vehicle to pass. A complete stop may sometimes be necessary to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. If stopped at an intersection with two-way traffic, remain stopped until the emergency vehicle passes through the intersection.  Drivers should stay at least 500 feet behind emergency vehicles.   Have your radio at a level that allows you to hear audible sirens and horns. Remember Scott’s Law: When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle, change to a lane away from the emergency vehicle, and proceed with caution. If a lane change is impossible, reduce speed and proceed cautiously.

Tips :

  • Remain calm, don’t panic!
  • Pull to the right and come to a stop. Remain stopped until the emergency vehicle passes. 
  • When on a one-way 3-lane road, keep the center lane open for emergency vehicles. Move to the right (or left if that is the only option) and stop.  
  • Slow down as much as possible when on a high-speed road or when there is no room to stop.
  • Both directions of traffic should pull to the right (unless the road has a barrier divider). The emergency vehicle may have to turn in front of oncoming traffic.
  • Never stop in the middle of the road when there is room to pull to the right. 

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