Contacting the Council

The Mayor and Council serve at large and do not represent specific neighborhoods or geographic areas of the community. Residents can contact any member of the Council with a concern, question or suggestion.

If you wish to appear at a public meeting to support or oppose an issue being considered by the Town Council please contact the Administration Department at (309) 454-9777 or via Email City Manager Pamela Reece. Learn more about appropriate steps for addressing the Town Council. 

To send a message to the Mayor and every member of the Council at the same time, use the Contacting the Mayor and Town Council online form.

 Mayor and Council Title  Email  Phone 
Learn about Chris KoosMayorEmail Mayor Koos(309) 454-9777
Learn about Chemberly Harris
Council MemberEmail Chemberly Harris(309) 846-2301
Learn about Kathleen Lorenz
Council MemberEmail Kathleen Lorenz(309) 531-1884
Learn about Kevin McCarthy
Council MemberEmail Kevin McCarthy(309) 451-9927
Learn about Stan Nord
Council MemberEmail Stan Nord(309) 242-2495
Learn about Scott Preston
Council MemberEmail Scott Preston(309)454-9777
Learn about Karyn Smith
Council MemberEmail Karyn Smith(309) 454-9777
Pamela Reece
City ManagerEmail Pamela Reece(309) 454-9501