Sustainable Normal

The Town of Normal has a long history of commitment to environmental sustainability. The Town's founder, Jesse Fell, was a great believer in beautiful green spaces and planted thousands of street trees in his lifetime, some of which still stand today. In more recent years, the Town has invested heavily in the Constitution Trail, a communitywide trail system along an abandoned railroad corridor. Lined with trees and vegetation, the Trail provides a sanctuary for those walking and bicycling throughout Normal. The broader commitment to sustainability was memorialized in the Council-approved Community-Wide Sustainability Plan and 2035 Report, which was the result of almost two years of work involving more than 100 local residents. If you don't have time to read the entire plan, check out the Sustainability Plan Summary.

For a complete listing of all sustainable programs and initiatives in the community, including Household Hazardous Waste Disposal and the Rain Barrel Program, visit the Ecology Action Center's website.

The Town of Normal staff members continue to implement elements of the plan each year. View a snapshot of current sustainability accomplishments and programs:

Arts and Culture
Resource & Carbon Management: Land
Food Systems
Resource & Carbon Management: Water
Energy in the Build Environment/Energy Generation
Resource & Carbon Management: Air
Uptown Circle