Snow Ban

Do Not Park On the Street During a Snow Ban

Parking a vehicle on a public street at any time after a snowfall of two (2) inches, or more, is prohibited in order to improve and expedite the process of removing snow from the Town’s streets. Parking may resume once snow has been cleared and the snow ban has been lifted.

The Town has the right to tow or ticket any violators. Snow emergency parking bans can be instituted by the Director of Public Works with the Concurrence of the Chief of Police in the event of a predicted or on-going severe snowstorm.

In order to notify residents of a snow ban, the Director of Public Works will notify local radio and news stations and request that an announcement be broadcast that parking is prohibited on public streets during the snow ban. Residents will be notified when the ban is lifted in the same way. Information will also be updated through the Town website, Facebook page and Twitter account when a ban is in place.

 Alternate Parking Areas

When a parking ban is activated, no parked cars are permitted on any streets in the Town of Normal. Cars must be moved off the streets to a driveway, garage or parking lot. Residents who do not have a driveway or garage may park their cars for free in the parking lots of the Town's parks, including but not limited to: Anderson, Fairview, Maxwell, Rosa Parks, Shepard and Underwood. For questions regarding the status of the parking lots, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (309) 454-9540.

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