Tree Trimming Ordinance

Tree Cutters and Trimmers

On March 18, 2013, the Normal Town Council approved an ordinance requiring tree trimmers and cutters to obtain a license from the Town Clerk. The ordinance applies only to tree cutters and trimmers. Landscape companies who do not trim or cut trees are not subject to the requirements of the proposed ordinance. View SEC. 22.15 of the Municipal Code.

The Ordinance requires:

  • A $5,000 bond to be posted with the Town Clerk.
  • Proof of liability insurance and proof of workers’ compensation insurance for companies who are required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance.
  • A license fee of $25, to be renewed yearly.  
  • Residents must be given a written estimate and approve the estimate prior to work being performed. Additional work exceeding 10% of the original estimate must be pre-approved by the resident.
  • All vehicles used in the trimming and cutting of trees must be clearly marked with company name and telephone number.
  • Tree trimmers and cutters remove and dispose of debris properly. Paid providers are not allowed to leave debris at the curb or request that residents leave tree and brush debris curbside for pickup by the town. 

The ordinance includes fines of $25-$500 for violations of the Tree Trimmer and Cutter Ordinance.

Complete the Tree Trimmer Application and return it to the Town Clerk's Office on the second floor of Uptown Station. The office is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please contact the Clerk's office with questions: (309) 454-9508.


It is important for Normal residents to be aware of the requirements stated in the approved tree trimmers ordinance. When tree trimming and cutting services are needed, residents should follow the below guidelines before work is completed:

  • Residents should ask to see a valid tree cutter license issued from the Town of Normal prior to hiring a tree trimmer or cutter.
  • Residents should obtain competitive bids prior to hiring a tree trimmer or cutter.
  • Residents are reminded that paid tree cutters and landscapers are not allowed to place landscaping debris at the curb for city pickup or ask residents to do so. Paid providers must properly dispose of all wood and brush.