Program Overview

The Normal Police Department (NPD) is proud to join efforts with area universities to extend the privilege of internship experiences. The NPD Internship Program is dynamic, offering some of the best experience and training available. 


  • are exposed to a vast array of areas within the Police Department.
  • receive hands-on experience in the areas of patrol techniques, criminal investigations, identification and records procedures and victim assistance. 
  • mostly observe, but train and work as well. Internships typically comprise 80% observation and 20% actual work. Observation experiences include a wide variety of police work (e.g., joining detectives at autopsies).
  • are given work assignments which may include tabulating citizen survey results, creating monthly expenditure reports and performing computer searches for suspects.
  • will have the opportunity to compare and contrast academic instruction with real-life situations.

While NPD intends to provide a rich, rewarding and comprehensive learning experience, exact experiences cannot be guaranteed due to the cyclical nature of police activities and the unpredictability of criminal activity. NPD intends to provide opportunities  to participate and observe day-to-day operations of a law enforcement agency. 

Internship Objectives

The objectives of the internship reflect the "worker-in-training" role. From the day an intern enters the department, they are expected to assume many of the role requirements of a regular staff member. The role requirements include:

  1. Adhering to agency work hours, agency policies, procedures and rules governing professional staff behavior
  2. Adhering to agency policies governing the strict observance of confidentiality and the handling of confidential information
  3. Assuming responsibility for their actions and activities.
  4. Maintaining strictly professional relationships with all clients.
  5. Being a courteous learner using an enthusiastic, open minded, critical approach to facts, fallacies or fantasies.
  6. Relating and using knowledge acquired in the classroom to practice in the department.
  7. Assuming a positive attitude and proper maturity.
  8. Developing self-awareness regarding attitudes, values and behavior.
  9. Preparing for and using various opportunities for learning (e.g., conferences and internal workshops, etc. ).

The student is placed in our department for one full semester, receiving college credits but serves under the authority of our department and must abide by our general rules and regulations. Ideally, at the end of the internship, the student should have acquired a basic working knowledge of the entire spectrum of functions performed.

Internship Selection Criteria

Intern selection is competitive due to the limited number of available positions, generally two to three per semester. Selection criteria typically include seven major areas:

  1. Application -  Submit an  online NPD Internship application to the Normal Police Department.  Include a resume and cover letter.
  2. Education - minimum grade point average of 2.5/4.0 is required to be eligible 
  3. Prior Work Experience / Extracurricular Activities / Special Skills
  4. Polygraph Screening/Examination 
  5. Oral Interview - evaluation of personal appearance, demeanor, communication skills and level of interest
  6. Personal References - verification of good moral character and fitness for position
  7. Background Check - review of past criminal history and driving record

Application Procedure 

Applicants should first contact their university internship coordinator to ensure all university requirements have been met and they are in fact eligible for an internship program. Initial contact with the Normal Police Department should be through the university internship coordinator. A letter from the university internship coordinator indicating student eligibility is necessary. The Normal Police Department encourages students to strictly adhere to university procedures.

Each student is required to submit an NPD Internship application to the Normal Police Department.  Students must include a resume and/or cover letter with their application. 

Deadlines for the application process

Fall Semester

  • April 1 - applications due
  • May 1 - announcements made

Spring Semester

  • October 1 - applications due
  • November 1 - announcements made

Summer Semester:

  • March 1 - applications due
  • April 1 - announcements made


Interns receive no monetary compensation for participation. All students are responsible their own tuition and expenses.

Program Schedule

Interns shall receive a tentative schedule describing work hours and assignments. An example for a Spring/Fall Semester Schedule is shown in the following table. Summer Semester Schedules may be abbreviated. Our Department attempts to accommodate variations of this schedule for each student's individual preferences and requirements. 

Example of Spring/Fall Schedule:

The table below provides a summary of the typical schedule during spring and fall semesters. Candidates are encourages to learn more about the areas within the Normal Police Department

Division Shift Duration
Criminal Investigations Division 1 1 week
Community Service Officer 1 1 week
School Resource Officer 1 1 week
Records 1 1 week
Front Desk/PSR 1, 2, or 3 1 week
Patrol 1 1 week
Patrol 2 1 week
Patrol 3 1 week
Patrol 4 1 week
CALEA 1 1 week
Evidence/Crime Scene 1 1 week
Patrol 2 1 week

Internship Policies

lnterns are required to obey all State and local laws. Additionally, the following program rules must be obeyed. Violation of these rules shall be cause for removal from the internship program.

  • Safety: Interns must be situationally aware and conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times. Unsafe acts or conditions must be reported to the Shift/Unit supervisor and the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Confidentiality: lnterns shall treat the office business of the Department as confidential and shall not disseminate information regarding departmental business or operations unless expressly permitted by supervisory staff.
  • Weapons: Interns are prohibited from carrying weapons or handcuffs of any type. Enforcement Action: Interns are prohibited from taking any type of enforcement action. Interns shall not at any time represent themselves as sworn officers.
  •  I.D. Badges: lnterns must have their Identification Badge clearly displayed when entering the building and during scheduled work hours (except when impractical or detrimental to the progress of criminal investigations). Lost or stolen I.D. badges must be immediately reported to the Internship Coordinator. lnterns are required to return I.D. badges at the completion of the program.
  • Conduct: Interns shall not at any time engage in unbecoming conduct which tends to discredit the Department.
  • Courtesy: Interns shall not use profane or intentionally insulting or degrading language or actions toward any other member of the Department or to any citizen. lnterns shall be courteous and tactful in the performance of their duties and shall promptly respond to all reasonable requests for assistance. Interns shall refer to sworn staff members by their appropriate rank and last name.
  • Punctuality and Attendance: lnterns are required to punctually report for work and assigned duties. Time off from work shall be coordinated with the Intern Coordinator at least three days (if possible) in advance. In the event an illness or emergency which prevents attendance, contact the supervisor in your assigned unit prior to the work shift.
  • Appearance: Interns represent the Normal Police Department and shall maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance, with attire and foot wear that is appropriate for an office work environment (business casual).
    Supervisors may allow adjustments to this rule for certain work situations when
    appropriate. Absolutely NO sandals, flip-flops, shorts, cut-offs, T-shirts, clothing with offensive wording, logos or images are acceptable.
  • Parking: lnterns will be given a parking permit valid for the dates of their internship. Intern parking is available in the spaces marked Permit Parking in the lot north of the police building.
  • Driving of City Vehicles: Interns driving city vehicles shall pay strict adherence to traffic laws and shall wear seat belts when driving or riding.
  • Schedules: All interns shall receive a schedule indicating their assigned units and work hours. Just prior to proceeding to a new unit, interns shall contact the highest-ranking supervisor in their new assigned unit and receive instructions as to when, where, and whom to report.