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The Water Department is responsible for providing a safe and reliable supply of water for the citizens of the Town of Normal. In addition, adequate pressure and volume must be maintained for fire protection purposes.

The department has three main divisions: Administration/Billing, Distribution and Treatment.

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Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Before Cold Weather Sets In:

  • Make sure all irrigation systems and hose valves are turned off and drained. 
  • Fix drafty windows and plug drafts  around doors to prevent cold air from reaching pipes. 
  • Identify where the shut off valve is inside of your home. 
  • Protect your pipes. Wrap any pipes in areas susceptible to cold. 

When Temperatures Stay Below Freezing:

  • If pipes run through cabinets, open the doors to let warmer room temperatures flow in. 
  • Keep water moving through the pipes by allowing a small trickle of water to run. 

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