Non-Recyclable Items

The following items are not accepted for recycling in our program:

  • Plastic bags (they can be returned to grocery or department stores)
  • Expanded foam or #6 plastic polystyrene including Styrofoam, plastic egg cartons and clear plastic deli / bakery-type containers
  • Motor oil, insecticide, herbicide and other hazardous chemical containers
  • Plastic film (no plastic bags, sleeves, sheets, tarps or wrap)
  • Six-pack plastic rings and other plastic beverage holder rings
  • Paper containers for liquids including "gable top" cartons usually containing juice, milk or wine
  • Soiled paper towels or napkins
  • Window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses, dinnerware or ceramics (tempered glass is not recyclable in our program)
  • Plastic children's toys
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Propane Tanks 
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Other Recycling and Reuse Options in Bloomington-Normal

Batteries (small fee may apply) 

  • Interstate Batteries 1115 E Lafayette St., Bloomington 309-663-5911
  • Batteries + Bulbs 1715 Bradford Ln., Normal 309-663-2200

Furniture & Home Goods

Appliances must be in working condition. Please call ahead for donation details.  

  • Habitat ReStore 1402 W Washington St.  309-454-6047
  • Recycling Furniture For Families 515 N Center St.  309-829-6500

CFL Light Bulbs  

  • Batteries + Bulbs 1715 Bradford Ln. 309-663-2200 (small fee may apply)
    • Accepts tube fluorescents
  • Home Depot 795 Veterans Pkwy 309-452-4031
  • Lowes 2101 E Empire St. 309-661-6467

Plastic Shopping Bags 

  • Take to your local grocery store. 


  • Carle BroMenn Resale Boutique 1322 S Main, Normal 309-556-7467
  • Goodwill 302 Landmark Drive, Normal  217-280-1868 
    • Accepts bagged scrap fabric

Automotive Fluids  (Motor oil, antifreeze and used cooking oil) 

  • Team Automotive 1223 S Adelaide St. 309-454-5454

Household Hazardous Waste 

Visit the Ecology Action Center website

Electronics (residential only)  

  • Normal Public Works 1301 Warriner St., Normal  309-454-9571
  • It is against state law to dispose of consumer electronics with household garbage. For business electronic waste, please call the Ecology Action Center at 309-454-3169

Pharmaceuticals  (Prescription and over the counter) 

  • Walgreens 1525 N Veterans Pkwy 309-661-8613 
  • Normal Police Dept. 100 E Phoenix Ave. 309-454-9535
  • Eastland Pharmacy (drop box at main OSF St. Joseph Medical Center entrance) 1505 Eastland Dr.  309-664-0505 

Latex Paint  

Latex (water-based) paint is not hazardous. Pour latex paint out in thin layers on a disposable material such as newspaper or cardboard. Allow each layer to dry completely then roll up the newspaper/cardboard and place it in the trash. This is only acceptable for latex paints. Oil-based paint is a household hazardous waste and requires disposal at a permanent facility or collection event. Visit the Ecology Action Center Website.

Community Reuse  

Household items can be given or sold to McLean County community members through a number of different online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or the Nextdoor app. Visit the Ecology Action Centers Guide to Reuse for further ideas. 

For More Information

For more information about acceptable and unacceptable items for recycling, visit the Ecology Action Center website or contact the Waste Removal Division at 309- 454-9715.