Neo-Classical and Neo-Tudor


Neo-Classical architecture is inspired by British Georgian designs. Typical architectural features include balanced proportions, a low-pitched roof and a centrally located door with semi-elliptical or fanlight door transoms. In addition, Neo-Classical structures tend to incorporate classically detailed pediments and columns.


At the same time that the Craftsman style was in vogue, the Neo-Tudor style also became popular. Indeed both styles were striving to achieve a sense of coziness and quaintness, and one sometimes finds (in Cedar Crest, for example) Craftsman and Neo-Tudor components mixed together. Neo-Tudor exteriors are usually a mixture of brick and stucco, often with some half-timbering included. Other characteristics include high-pitched roofs, asymmetrical configurations, enclosed entryways, fireplaces with ornamented chimneys and chimney pots, and casement windows.