Forms & Applications

It's the job of Town staff to ensure property owners' timely completion of these forms and to help guide applicants through the commission's review process. Please contact Town staff as early as possible in a project's planning phase. Projects must be approved by the commission prior to any work beginning. All applications and forms must be completed and submitted by the end of the month to be considered by the commission at the following month's regular meeting.

Below are the forms and applications that owners of historic properties must complete and submit to Town staff for review by the Historic Preservation Commission for different specified activities:

  • Certificate of Appropriateness Application (PDF) - Required for all exterior alterations and almost every kind of project visible from a public street at a historic property  
    • This is the standard, most common application reviewed by the commission
    • Based on the exact activities proposed, this application may be reviewed through either the regular or expedited process
    • Expedited review of an application generally takes 1-2 working days. The following projects qualify:
      • Work being done to a non-contributing property or structure (generally homes/structures built after 1945)
      • The replacement of materials with like materials (i.e. asphalt shingles replaced with asphalt shingles, wood siding replaced with wood siding, etc.) when grant funding is not being requested
      • Emergency situations
  • Residential Building Permit Application (PDF)
    • Many projects approved by the commission also require a building permit from the Town of Normal Inspections Department
    • The commission’s approval of a project is conditioned upon the issuance of required building permits from the Inspections Department
    • Please contact Town staff to learn if a prospective project requires a building permit
  • Robert G. Bone Grant Application (PDF) - Application to request grant funding of eligible, commission-approved exterior restoration projects
    • This grant program covers half the cost of materials and/or professional labor associated with commission-approved projects up to $6,000 per property per year 
    • The Bone Grant Program also provides funding for the repair or replacement of slate or tile roofs in the amount of $20,000, to be awarded on a 50/50 basis. Roof grants would not be restricted to the portions of the roof visible from the public right-of-way. Within the same fiscal year, a non-roof grant would offset the maximum $20,000 for a roof grant. (Thus, if someone were awarded $6,000 in non-roof grants, they would only qualify for $14,000 in roof grants.)
    • The grant's program year begins April 1st
    • Generally, the program is funded at $40,000 annually and funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis
    • A much more detailed explanation of the program's guidelines and procedures can be found here
  • Historic District Designation Form (PDF) - Form with instructions for the consideration of a new historic district
  • Historic District Protest Form (PDF) - Form with instructions for those wishing to protest the creation of a new historic district
  • Local Landmark Nomination Form (PDF) - Form with instructions for the consideration of a new historic landmark
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