Gang Information

Report Activity

If you suspect gang activity in your neighborhood, contact the Normal Police Business Line at (309) 454-4535. Gang graffiti can be reported using our online reporting system.

Gang Sign Awareness

It is not uncommon to receive calls from parents asking about signs that may indicate their son or daughter is becoming active in a gang. Usually these signs are subtle at first and are looked upon by parents as kids being kids. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the parents come to the realization that something should have been done long ago and now they face a child who is considered by many as a gang member.

Below is a list of possible signs indicating your child may be involved in gangs.
  • Cannot or will not explain their daily activities
  • Constantly dresses in certain colors or has friends who dress in same colors
  • Frequent negative contact with the police
  • Gang graffiti in room or on personal belongings
  • Has friends who act suspicious around you
  • Problems at school such as poor achievement or truancy
  • Refuses to take part in family gatherings or get-togethers
  • Strong liking to negative role models or listens to violent music
  • Stays out late at night
  • Wears clothing or jewelry that is unaccounted for

Request Assistance

Please keep in mind a child may display one or several of these signs and every aspect of the child's conduct must be examined. If we can be of assistance, or you have questions regarding your child's conduct, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division at (309) 454-9593 and ask to speak with a juvenile detective.