Citizen Complaint

The police officer today in every community is a symbol not only of the law, but also of the entire establishment. The police can, and must, recognize their responsibility to serve all the public to the best of their ability. Fair and impartial law enforcement, which respects the individual dignity of all citizen’s is essential and must be accomplished with tact and diplomacy whenever possible.

As police officers, we must professionally and objectively investigate all citizen complaints as expeditiously as possible in order to gather all of the facts which will quickly clear the officer's name or substantiate the citizen's complaint.


It is the policy of the Normal Police Department to accept, investigate, and review all complaints of either alleged misconduct or improper handling of an incident on the part of police personnel, sworn or non-sworn..

If you wish to file a complaint concerning the actions of Normal Police Department personnel, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Request to speak with the on duty Shift Commander.

  1. If your complaint is not resolved after speaking with the on duty Shift Commander, the Shift Commander may ask you to assist him in completing a “Citizen Complaint” form.  The form has a place to list the facts of the incident and the manner in which they occurred.

  1. If you do not wish to speak with a Shift Commander at that time you can obtain a copy of the complaint form to take with you.  This form is available at the front desk at Normal PD and the lobby of City Hall.  You may also download the PDF form from the links listed below.

  1. After filing a formal complaint with the department you will be contacted by the Assistant Chief concerning the status of the investigation.  If you have questions about your complaint or the process you may contact the Assistant Chief of Police during regular business hours at (309) 454-9523.

If you would like to file a formal complaint through the mail, download our complaint forms English Form (PDF) or Spanish Form(PDF) and mail to: Chief of Police, 100 E. Phoenix Ave. Normal, IL 61761.

Note: It is the policy of the Town of Normal Police Department that complaints from individuals who display symptoms of alcohol or drug intoxication will not be accepted until such time that the complainant has attained full sobriety.


The Normal Police Department recognizes the need for the filing of legitimate complaints against police personnel and will investigate all allegations and provide responses to the complainant(s) in a timely manner. 

A goal of the Normal Police Department is that you will never need to use this complaint form, as we do not want to fail in our continuing efforts to give you the best possible police service.