Community Services

The Normal Police Department is committed to providing the best community services possible. The Community Services Unit responds to requests for presentations and other services. Requests for talks and presentations come from various groups, businesses, schools, churches, neighborhood watch groups, media representatives and other citizens.

Neighborhood Action Team

The Normal Police Department, in conjunction with the Town’s Legal and Inspection Departments, works with residents in addressing neighborhood complaints. As a group, the Town has been successful in creating safer and more enjoyable neighborhoods by working with the neighbors and assisting them in working together on issues. Email Community Service Officer Brad Park for more information or call (309) 433-3440.

Nextdoor is the best way to stay in the know about what's going on in your neighborhood, whether it's finding a last-minute babysitter, learning about an upcoming block party, or hearing about a rash of car burglaries. There are so many ways our neighbors can help us. We just need an easier way to connect with them. Go to NextDoor and find your neighborhood. Sign-up to get updates from Normal Police Department as well as your neighborhood.  

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime, solve problems and improve the quality of life in your area. By participating in this program, you will get to know and work with your neighbors, and learn how to:

  • Identify crime and disorder problems in your area and work with police personnel to solve them
  • Protect yourself, your family and your property
  • Protect your neighbor’s family and property
  • Recognize and report crimes and suspicious activities

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to create an alert neighborhood by using simple crime prevention methods. The program works through mutual aid - neighbors watching the property of other neighbors. This has several advantages, including the fact that the neighbors know who you are, what type of car you drive, and when you will be away. Neighborhood Watch does not promote vigilantism.

Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Archive

Read important safety tips, burglary statistics and other information from the Community Services Unit!