Patrol officers are the foundation of the Normal Police Department. The Patrol Division consists of seven shifts that provide 24-hour service to the citizens of Normal. These officers are the first response to any citizen’s call for assistance. Weather permitting, these officers also serve as a bicycle patrol focusing on the Constitution Trail, Town parks and neighborhood patrols. Keeping with our Community Policing philosophy, officers regularly provide a variety of services to the community

Specialty Units

Various specialty functions of the Patrol Division include the K-9 Unit, Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP), which develops strategies and action plans for addressing law enforcement issues impacting the community, such as gangs, drugs, burglaries and other criminal activity.

The Normal Police Honor Guard has the responsibility of honoring former police officers during funerals or memorial services. The Honor Guard represents the department at gatherings such as the annual Illinois Police Officers Memorial Day at the state capitol or September 11 memorial services.

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is a 12-member team comprised of officers and supervisors. Members of ERU receive special training to deal effectively with critical incidents that may occur beyond the capabilities of normally trained and equipped department personnel. The ERU team wears uniforms and ballistic equipment different from any other unit, as members may encounter more dangerous situations during the execution of search warrants and critical incident situations.

We continue to expand on the traditional role of policing to meet the ever-growing needs of the people we serve.