Sewer Maintenance


The Sewer Division maintains and repairs all public storm and sanitary sewers and appurtenances including, but not limited to, replacement, testing, cleaning and inspection of conduit, inlets, manholes and pump stations. The Town of Normal is responsible for collecting all sewer waste and transferring it through sewer mains to treatment plants operated by the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District. There are approximately 174 miles of sanitary sewers and 3,480 sanitary sewer manholes in Normal.

Sewer Back-Up

  • For sewer back-ups or problems during regular business hours, please call Public Works at (309) 454-9571 so a Sewer Division worker can be dispatched. 
  • If you are experiencing an issue after hours, please call the Police Department front desk at (309) 454-9535.

Storm Inlets

Storm water is channeled through ditches/culverts on land and through storm water inlets on paved roads. Public Works employees in the Sewer Division routinely clean inlets and clear them if they become blocked during periods of heavy rain. Citizens can help by keeping leaves and debris off of our streets and by clearing local inlets as needed. Blocked inlets can be reported to the Public Works Department by calling the police non-emergency number at (309) 888-5030.

As rain water flows into our creeks, streams and rivers, it is illegal to dump anything into storm sewers. It is also illegal to connect sump pumps to the sanitary sewer system as it can overload the system causing sewer backups in neighbors homes and add to the system load and cost of sewage treatment.

Storm Water Culverts and Drainage Ditches

Sewer Division staff routinely access and perform minor maintenance on storm sewer culverts and drainage ditches. The division works closely with the Engineering Department on significant culvert and drainage ditch projects.

For general storm water questions and for additional storm water information, contact the Engineering Department.

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