Property Damage


If a Town snowplow or other truck damages a mailbox either through direct contact or due to the force of the snow rolling off the plow, the mailbox will be repaired or replaced with a standard type metal mailbox and/or wooden post.

Property owners must report the incident to the Town within 2 weeks of the occurrence.

Post replacements will be made in the spring once the soil thaws out. Until that time, either a temporary mailbox or temporary repairs will be made to allow the resident mail service.

If the resident's current mailbox and/or post cannot be repaired, the resident may choose up to $70 reimbursement in lieu of a replacement post or mailbox by the Town.

Mailboxes should be installed following United States Postal Regulations.

To report a damaged mailbox, please complete our Damaged Mailbox Form.


During the course of operations throughout any given winter, snow removal forces may accidentally incur damage to parkway grass or mailboxes. In the event that parkway damage is sustained due to a plow riding over a curb, the Public Works Department will repair the damage as soon as weather conditions permit (please contact our office to notify us of damage). If the parkway sod was rolled back in such a way that it could be re-used, the department will restore it. 

If the sod is damaged beyond repair, the Public Works Department will restore the area at the earliest appropriate weather and availability of material. Topsoil and seed will be used in the damaged area. 

A property owner who installs plants or decorative materials on the parkway does so at their own risk.