Snow & Ice Control


Public Works crews work diligently to ensure streets, courts and cul-de-sacs are safe and accessible for vehicles. During and after the storm, some streets may be snow-packed and snow can be expected to accumulate adjacent to the traveled portion of a road to the extent that a motorist's sight distance may be greatly reduced.


  • The Town’s plan is to have crews from multiple departments using every possible vehicle on streets working to clear snow during major events and storms.
  • The largest equipment will focus on major roads; and other crews will move to residential areas as soon as possible / when snow tapers to make an initial pass. 
  • We appreciate patience and understanding - crews will be moving snow as weather and capacity permits. 

To report an issue, complete the Snow and Ice Issue Form.

Priority System

The following priority system guides the department when clearing streets:

  • Priority 1 - All arterial and minor arterial streets considered to be the minimum network which must be kept open for emergency vehicles (over 176 lane miles).
  • Priority 2 - All remaining minor arterials, selected collectors, bus routes, and streets around schools (over 31 lane miles).
  • Priority 3 - All other selected collectors completing the network covering the major traffic volume streets and selected "hot spots" such as intersections and hills.
  • Priority 4 - All remaining streets such as residential local streets and cul-de-sacs (over 162 lane miles).

When a snow or ice storm has occurred, there are different methods for responding to the storms based on four categories.

  • Category 1 Storms – less than two inches of snow resulting in icy conditions. All routes rated priority 1-3 are treated with de-icing material, as needed. Plowing is typically not required.
  • Category 2 Storms - two to less than three inches of snow resulting in sleet or slushy conditions. All snow routes rated priority 1-3 are treated with de-icing material and plowed, if necessary. All streets rated priority 4 are plowed, if necessary, after storm subsides.
  • Category 3 Storms - three to less than five inches of snow with or without wind causing blizzard conditions. All priority 1-3 streets are plowed and treated with de-icing material until storm subsides. Then streets rated priority 1-3 are again treated with de-icing material and plowed if necessary before priority 4 streets are plowed.
  • Category 4 Storms - a major snowstorm amounting to six or more inches. Priority 1 streets are plowed and treated with de-icing material first. Priority 2-3 streets are treated with de-icing material and plowed as soon as possible thereafter. Priority 4 streets are plowed next, and if needed, treated with de-icing material.