Connect with Us/Staying Informed

The Town of Normal wants to hear from you and is committed to providing accurate information through a variety of means. Our goal is to respond timely to inquiries and feedback. We want to hear from you and want you to trust the information we provide.  

Connect With Us

The Town of Normal provides a variety of ways for you to learn about happenings in our community and share feedback. Review the information  below or connect with us in the way you prefer. 

Get Texts and Emails

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This mass communication system sends texts and emails to you with brief updates on topics to which you subscribe and in emergency situations. Topics include Parks, Services, Events and Streets. To learn more, visit the Notify Normal page and subscribe! 

Report a Problem

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We encourage you to use this form to report issues within the community. This form covers everything from "my trash wasn’t picked up today" to "a tree limb is down on the Constitution Trail." You can also report general concerns or issues with streets – including potholes, sidewalks and sewers. These reports are sent directly to appropriate staff. Staff seeks to respond to every inquiry within one business day. Many times, responses come much quicker than that.

Subscribe to Project Updates

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This online digital platform allows you subscribe to topics of interest and receive updates. For instance, as the Town progressed through the Uptown South Master Plan, the project page outlines recent milestone and shares feedback received through a variety of means from the public. 

Ask Our Chatbot

You can find our chatbot in the lower right corner of the website. Hugh (which stands for Help 'U' Get Help) is powered by artificial intelligence. He scours our websites (and those of other organizations) to provide real-time feedback. Staff regularly reviews questions Hugh receives and adjusts communications accordingly. He's not perfect, but Hugh is available 24/7. And, he is popular. We get an average of 10 questions a day! He helps us refine communications about events and services based on the type of questions you ask.

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Follow Social Media

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The Town has more than 30 different social media accounts on a variety of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, NextDoor, YouTube, etc.) and works hard to inform you and the community about happenings, events and services. Staff responds timely to appropriate comments, questions and private messages.