Julie Locates

Did you know that the Town of Normal Water Department performs all JULIE locates for the Town's water utilities?
The Town of Normal Water Department has completed over 4,600 JULIE locates in 2023.

JULIE before you dig

Protect your family, your property and yourself
  • Contact JULIE before you dig - call 811 or submit an online request
Example of JULIE markings for potable water services.

"Planting, building, adding or fixing anything outdoors? Know what's below. Get your utility lines marked before you start digging. It's a free service that could save you time, costly utility repairs, and even your life. Online or over the phone, JULIE's request systems is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

How do you read JULIE markings?

The Color Code is as follows:
  • Red: Electric
  • Yellow: Gas, oil or petroleum
  • Orange: Communications (cable TV, phone, etc)
  • Blue: Potable Water
  • Green: Sewer
  • White: used to mark outline of area to be checked for excavation
flag and marking
Example of JULIE markings for potable water services.
Please check out JULIE's website at: JULIEbeforeyoudig.com
  • Or you can call to submit a request at 811.
curb box
Example of a curb box.  If you see one of these in your yard, sidewalk or driveway, this allows the Town of Normal Water Department to perform emergency shut offs, such as if water pipes have burst.  

This cap covers a telescoping pipe that allows a curb key to reach the shut off.  If the cap is missing, debris can get in the pipe and make it difficult to perform things such as an emergency shut off.  If a cap is missing, please call us 309-454-9710.

The pipe does move up and down with the ground due to temperature changes, if you notice yours is high, please give us a call at 309-454-9565 so we can adjust it!