Children and Elders Forest In Maxwell Park

The Children and Elders Forest mission is to plant indigenous trees to help deepen bonds amongst the generations.  The objective is to plant trees in established groves sponsored by multi-generational teams. Tree sponsoring teams should consist of at least one child and one elder. Teams can be comprised of a group of families, friends or organizations with no limit to the number of people on a team. Trees may also be sponsored in the memory of a loved one. 

Since 2005, Children and Elders Forest has established nine groves throughout McLean County. Two of the groves, Turtle Grove and Eagle Grove, are in Maxwell Park at Gregory Street and Parkside Road.  

Learn more about multi-generational teams and sponsoring trees via the Children and Elders Forest website, the Children and Elders Forest Facebook page or Email Grove Steward Michael Sublett.

Children and Elders Forest - Sign