Town and Gown

Initially, the Town of Normal-Illinois State University Town Gown relationship simply addressed off-campus student issues like housing, code enforcement, and noise violations but today, it has grown into a wonderful partnership, a mix of civic engagement and school pride. The Town has a keen understanding of the benefits of having Illinois State University in its backyard.  Illinois State University contributes new potential consumers and jobs to the Town while educating residents and out-of-towners alike. 

The Town of Normal and Illinois State University are joint members of  the International Town & Gown Association, whose mission is to help solidify town and gown partnerships.

Illinois State University has approximately 21,000 students and because of the close town and gown relationship, many of them end up calling Normal their home. It has always been the Town’s goal to make Redbirds feel like valuable members of this community and these are few of the implemented efforts:
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  • Bloomington-Normal Campus Community Coalition
  • CommUniversity Tailgate
  • Constitution Trail Signage on Campus
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Hancock Stadium Scoreboard
  • Homecoming Lighting Ceremony
  • Homecoming Parade
  • IHSA Bidding
  • ISU Move In
  • Land Swap
  • Main Street Beautification
  • Neighborhood Action Team
  • Neighborhood Association Involvement
  • Normal Theater as a Classroom
  • Off-Campus Welcome Back
  • PlanIt Normal
  • Police Presentations
  • Points of Pride
  • Redbird Pride Committee
  • Redbird Street Signs
  • Town and Gown 5K and 1-mile Walk/Run
  • Town Council Meeting on Campus
  • Town Gown Golf Outing
  • Town Meet and Greet
  • University Galleries
  • Uptown Crossing Multi-Use Building
  • Water Tower Painting

Neighborhood Action Team

Evolving from a town/gown liaison committee from the 1980s, the Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) was established in 2000 with Illinois State University staff participating beginning in the early 2000s.  This group manages topical issues that result from the University being centrally located and 14,000 students residing off-campus and interacting with permanent residents daily. Members of NAT work together with neighborhood associations, landlords, residents and students to positively resolve issues for all parties involved. The work of this team has increased livability in near-campus neighborhoods and has built relationships with mutual respect and understanding.

If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please contact NAT co-chair Greg Troemel at or (309) 454-9580 or anyone on the Neighborhood Action Team Contact List .