Monitoring and Research

The Alliance monitors surface activities to ensure compliance with existing regulations and laws, and any other activities that may represent a potential threat to the aquifer. By proactively addressing potential sources of contamination, the Alliance ensures the aquifer’s water remains a safe and reliable resource for our region.

Alliance members endeavor to work with public and private partners to support and enhance our knowledge of the aquifer. The Alliance will work with partners to support and assist with grant applications to support continued research and the application of emergent technologies to aid in research.

Legislative Advocacy

The Alliance will work cooperatively with elected representatives in Springfield and Washington DC to introduce and support legislation designed to protect and preserve the Mahomet Aquifer, and other underground water resources, from potential contamination.

Public Education and Engagement

Outreach and education are critical tools to promote promoting greater awareness of the aquifer’s importance to our region. Objectives include hosting an annual summit of aquifer related issues, providing a digital clearing house of existing information, and facilitating informed discussion on aquifer related issues. An educated and engaged public can help provide a strong and unified voice when action is needed. The Alliance provides a framework for engaging partners and altering the public of impending threats to the aquifer.