Staff Directory


Ryan Otto
Director of Public Works and Engineering
(309) 454-9574
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Darryl Barron
JULIE and Utility Permit Technician
(309) 454-9741
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Eric Herbst
Project Engineer
(309) 454-9744
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Wayne Hopper
Traffic Engineering Technician
(309) 454-9626
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Alex Wilson
Office Associate
(309) 454-9578
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Terry Whalen
Engineering Technician II
(309) 454-9579
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Julie Weger
Storm Water Engineering Technician
(309) 433-3425
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Fred Zbinden
Project Engineer
(309) 454-9705
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Zach Wall
Project Engineer
(309) 454-9743
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Tony Meizelis
Project Engineer
(309) 454-9596
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