Storm Water & Erosion Control

As a result of increasing federal and state clean water regulations, cities across the country have developed or are developing comprehensive storm water management programs. The increased emphasis from the state and federal government on effectively managing storm water benefits local residents in numerous ways. However, the costs associated with complying with these more stringent storm water regulations have resulted in increased expenses for cities. Faced with these increasing costs, many cities across the country have already sought to increase revenues either through traditional taxes, or more commonly through storm water management fees that are assessed regularly to property owners.

In 2006, the Town adopted a storm water utility fee, which is assessed to all property owners in the Town of Normal. The storm water fee is charged on the Town’s monthly utility billing system that is currently established for water, sewer and waste services. The standard monthly fee for a single family home is $4.60 a month, which equals  one equivalent residential unit (ERU) of 3,200 square feet. 
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Commercial and industrial properties are charged by square footage of impervious area.  The square footage is divided by 3,200 square feet to get the number of ERUs.  The ERUs are rounded up to the next whole number.  This ERU is multiplied by the standard monthly rate of $4.60 per month.

Storm Water Credit Manual and Form


The storm water management program funds a number of different projects including street sweeping, detention basin maintenance, storm sewer repair and creek bed maintenance. The Town is responsible for maintaining 14.3 miles of creek system as well as seven regional detention basins. The Town also maintains 53 bridges or major road culverts and 175 public storm sewer discharge structures into the creek system. The existing storm sewer system consists of 95 miles of sewer main with 1,300 manholes and 5,500 inlet structures. Capital improvement expenses associated with this infrastructure are eligible for funding through a storm water utility.

The first streambank project started in 2013 and was completed in 2014 through Fairview Park to north of Orlando Street.

The second streambank project started in 2014 and was completed in 2015 through Anderson Park south to Constitution Trail.

The program also funds an overhead sanitary sewer service grant program. Overhead sewer services are effective in remedying sanitary sewer back –ups in flood prone areas. Property owners may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Town if they decide to install overhead sanitary sewer service systems.

More Information

Residents interested in learning more about the Town of Normal Storm Water Management Program should contact the Storm Water Hotline at (309) 433-3403 or Email Julie Weger, Storm Water Engineering Technician.

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