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The Engineering Department's primary mission is to organize, direct, implement and monitor the planning, design, contracting and inspecting of all public works and private development projects for and within the Town of Normal.


  • Administers the Town of Normal Flood Plain Ordinance
  • Coordinates with outside agencies regarding transportation systems and other engineering issues
  • Issues permits for work performed in the public right of way
  • Performs bridge inspections on the 26 bridges under the Town’s jurisdiction
  • Provides technical assistance and information to local residents and other Town departments

Public Improvements 

The Engineering Department is responsible for assuring that public improvements associated with private developments are in accordance with the Town Code. Engineering makes recommendations regarding access, traffic management and public utility installations. Construction plans for subdivisions are reviewed and approved by Engineering. All public improvements are supervised, inspected, and approved by Engineering staff prior to acceptance by the Council. 

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