Electric Aggregation

New Electric Aggregation Supplier

The Town of Normal belongs to a consortium (CIMA - Central Illinois Municipal Aggregation) of municipalities, school districts, small businesses and others aggregating more than 40,000 electric accounts to purchase power at a reduced rate. The Town of Normal does not benefit from this program and is purely for residents’ use and access. 

In March 2022, the Town of Normal approved Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. to serve as Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program supplier for a three-year term through June 2025. The new agreement is effective July 1, 2022. 

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc was chosen in a competitive process as it provided the best overall value for our community. The program offers residents served by Ameren to secure pricing for the duration of the contract period (July 2022-June 2025). 

 Residents with questions about this program can call toll-free 833-358-0518 or visit the Constellation customer service website.

Summary of new Aggregation Contract:

  • Town of Normal residents residing in areas served by Ameren Illinois are eligible to participate 
  • Fixed Contract Rate: $0.07859 per kilowatt hour (kWh) (does not include utility delivery charges); Enhanced Renewable Energy Certificates (REC): $0.08324 per kWh   
  • No enrollment, switching or termination fees
  • Residents who do not wish to participate must opt out by May 9, 2022. View a copy of the opt-out letter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Town of Normal negotiate prices for this program?

In 2012 the majority of residents passed a referendum stating the “municipality has the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers.” This helps our residents save money and provides a predictable rate for budgeting purposes. The Town of Normal does not benefit from this program and is purely for residents’ use and access.

How does this new contract rate for the Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program differ from the previous rate?

The new fixed contract rate is higher than the previous rate. The previous contract rate was one of the lowest in the state and was bid in early 2020, prior to the pandemic.

Why did this contract rate increase from the previous contract rate?

As with other rising prices, this rate was impacted by increased inflation and reflects the current economy. 

Why would I want to participate in this program?

This program locks in a fixed rate for three years, from July 2022 through June 2025. This program provides a steady rate for residents. 

Can I opt out?

Yes, residents may opt out of the aggregation program at any time, however, Ameren and/or other RES vendor rates may/will fluctuate over the course of this contract period depending on your choice for an electric supplier. 

Staying in the Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program provides residents with a steady rate for three years (July 2022 through June 2025). While there is no guarantee the aggregation rate will always be the lowest cost throughout the duration of the agreement, it is important to note over the last 10 years the program has saved residents approximately 12.7% on average. PLEASE NOTE, if you opt out, you cannot rejoin the Aggregation program to take advantage of the fixed rate for 12 months

How do I opt out?

Customers have two opportunities to opt out of the program: 

  1. As the Town’s chosen electrical supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, Inc, will send by mail eligible customers the opt out letter offering the opportunity to opt out of the Aggregation program at no charge. Opt out notices will be sent to eligible participants before the program begins in July. 
  2. Ameren will also contact eligible customers with information about opting out. 

What happens if I opt out?

Residents who opt out of the program remain on their current supply choice, whether Ameren Illinois Basic Generation Service (BSG), Power Smart Pricing or RES supply. If you opt out, you can NOT rejoin the Aggregation program for 12 months. 

More information about how to opt out, view the opt out letter from Constellation NewEngergy

What alternate Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) are available?

You can learn more about alternative suppliers by visiting the Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers (ARES) website

Am I eligible to participate in aggregation?

Town of Normal residents residing in areas served by Ameren Illinois are eligible to participate. Residents may use this link to verify their property is eligible to participate.

If I participate in the Aggregation program, will I receive two electric bills?

No. You will continue to receive a single electric bill from your current provider, Ameren. The only difference you will see is the fixed contract rate and the supplier’s name. If you are on a budget bill paying plan, you will remain on that plan.

What part of electricity bills will this program affect?

Electricity bills have three cost components:

  1. Electric Delivery
  2. Electric Supply
  3. Taxes and Other Fees

Municipal aggregation changes only the Electric Supply component of your bill. Through aggregation, approximately 50% to 75% of the electricity bill will be impacted. The other components, transmission and distribution, will not be affected. To learn more about your Ameren electric bill, visit “Understanding Your Bill” on the Ameren website.

What about choosing a supplier through a door-to-door sales agent?

All communication regarding the Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program is sent through the U.S. Postal Service. This program does not use door-to-door solicitors.

However, you may be approached by an outside marketer, and you can take their plan. However, by Illinois law, they cannot lock you into a term. All contracts are month-to-month from the typical door-to-door sales agent. Again, if you choose to opt out of the Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program by taking a plan through an outside marketer, you cannot rejoin the Town of Normal Electric Aggregation program for 12 months. 

Potential Electric Aggregation Scams

Occasionally, the Town receives reports about aggressive and misleading door-to-door and telemarking solicitation by alternative energy suppliers. These companies are not affiliated with the Town's electric aggregation program. All communication regarding the aggregation program is done through mail. Not door-to-door or telemarket solicitors. 

  • Any claims made by a solicitor confirming enrollment into the Town's program, the time to act is limited, and/or they must see your utility bill to verify account information is false and should be disregarded. This is a scam.  
  • Residents should never feel pressured to take immediate action or compromise their safety by providing their utility account information to anyone unless they are certain they wish to enroll in an alternate program of their choosing.  
  • If you encounter a solicitor claiming to falsely represent the Town of Normal or the electric aggregation program, you should ask to see a valid permit, document the individual’s name, and contact the Town of Normal Police Department at (309) 888-5030
  • If you believe you have been misled and signed up for an alternative energy supply program, please contact Eric Hanson at (309) 454-9503 for additional assistance.

Aggregation History

Normal residents approved electrical aggregation in the November 2012 General Election. Electric aggregation offers residents a convenient option to manage energy costs by locking in a competitive rate for a 24-month term. 

A referendum passed by voters in 2012 approved an “opt out” aggregation program. The opt out program automatically combines the electric load for residential and eligible small businesses for purchasing purposes except for those customers who actively choose not to participate in the municipality's or county's purchase program.

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