Innovation and Technology

About Our Department

The Innovation and Technology Department (I&T) is responsible for providing secure, stable, operational, and responsive information and communications systems for the Town. With the combination of the IT infrastructure and smart city planning, the I&T department’s goal is to improve organizational efficiency, streamline services and to contribute directly and indirectly to the economic growth of the Town.

Mission and Key Drivers

The I&T Department partners and innovates to deliver high-value, customer-focused solutions and incorporate smart city thinking in all aspects of organization and community building. The following drivers help us achieve the stated mission:  

  • Organizational Alignment - Embracing the Town's vision and core values while aligning people, processes, and culture; integrating physical and digital planning; establishing a broad-based, cross-departmental governance to ensure accountability 
  • Security and Compliance - Establishing a strong foundation of governance practices to ensure security of existing data, information, and technology; consistently strengthening the Town through strategic, proactive measures with best practices, employee training, internal controls and benchmarking  
  • Sustainability of Investment - Leveraging technology to improve municipal operations and adapting to changing needs of citizens by engaging internal and external customers to understand needs; managing the technology portfolio with a focus on increasing efficiency, utilizing best practices, tracking emerging trends and fostering long-term sustainability 
  • Data Driven Decisions - Implementing processes and tools that use existing data to help drive business decisions; using existing data sources before investing in other tools/devices that generate Big Data; utilizing existing indicators to measure success; developing dashboards to track progress; publishing data within the confines of privacy and compliance
  • Customer Focus and Transparency - Supporting requests swiftly and automating processes to enhance business agility; promptly delivering projects in alignment with organizational priorities; enhancing digital government services to serve the Town's changing demographics; embedding transparency within Town operations with a focus on citizen privacy
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement - Acknowledging the importance of change management; embracing smart technologies and Big Data that integrates well with the Town's future vision; being open and collaborative with customers and vendors to expand organizational capacity for innovation and continuous improvement